Are you struggling with painful ringing in your ears? Tired of feeling disconnected, irritable, and stressed? You are not alone. Below you will learn more about finding relief from the symptoms of tinnitus & hyperacusis.

Research published in the Noise & Health International Journal (1) showed that 45% of people suffering from hearing disorders had at least two conditions.

In fact, the researchers found that 30% of its participants experienced hyperacusis, tinnitus and hearing loss…

While a whopping 80.7% of those who suffered from tinnitus also struggled with hyperacusis…

And the addition of each hearing disorder worsened the impact on their lives. (2)

And impact it does, with signs and symptoms like:

– Being upset by environmental noise

– Feeling unable to perform at least one daily activity because of intolerance to noise

– Experiencing a degree of disability (3)

– Headaches

– Jaw and neck tension (4)

– Trouble concentrating

– Difficulty sleeping and insomnia

– Relationship problems

– Social isolation (5)

… And if you want to tear your hair out or run and hide when you hear a car alarm, clattering dishes, or the high pitched shrill of a child’s cry, this can stem from these hearing disorders.

Not easily managed if you have grandchildren, or once loved to catch up at your local cafe for a coffee with loved ones.


What if you could escape the incessant noise and hypersensitivity?

That’s a great question with exciting answers – YES! And I can’t wait to share what I’ve discovered because it may be the key to regaining your life and rediscovering peace!

See, this natural approach has already helped thousands of sufferers, like Susan:

“To say my life is different now is a huge understatement…

I am different now, and everybody can see the difference in me.

I’m just so relieved that I gave this a chance!”

Susan, 55 – Florida

But just before I do, there is something I must tell you…

Your approaches to these hearing disorders could be making your condition worse

Intolerance to noise is one reason why sufferers may avoid potentially noisy situations, like riding on a bus, driving a car, visiting shopping centers, or even leaving home.

And this overprotection of the ears has been shown to irritate these problems. (6)

Not great news when the combination of hyperacusis and tinnitus can be incredibly stressful…

And add to this that the stress in itself may exacerbate, even have caused (7), these hearing disorders.

The answer to your painful ringing ears

What research has discovered is that hyperacusis and tinnitus aren’t only an ear problem.

In fact, these conditions reach far further than your ears and deep within your brain.

That’s one of the reasons why traditional medical approaches may have failed you dismally…

They’ve focused on a symptom, not a cause.

And this focus hasn’t resulted in any meaningful cure.

You probably know the drill…

– Hearing aids

– Sound therapies

– Prescription medications

– Antidepressants

But with the breakthrough knowledge that the brain is a key player in hyperacusis and tinnitus (8), we can now look to proven ways to repair and rejuvenate our neural health…

And ease these hearing disorders, once and for all.

Are you ready to discover a peaceful, happy, connected life?

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