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Tinnitus911Tinnitus is a common symptom that is experienced by about 20 percent of all adults. When present, tinnitus can cause people to experience consistent ringing, buzzing, rattling, and other unpleasant noises in their ears, despite the fact that there is no external source of sound present.

When left untreated, tinnitus can create a wide range of complications, including anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, and difficulties performing everyday functions (listening to music, engaging in conversations, remembering things, etc.). Because tinnitus is so common, many companies and researchers around the world have been actively trying to find the best solutions for tinnitus.

While some of these solutions have produced effective results for some, there is still no universal “cure for tinnitus.” The treatment that is best for any given individual will depend on the underlying cause of their tinnitus and the severity of their symptoms.

Because some of the medications that were traditionally used to treat tinnitus contain chemicals that can have side effects, some innovative companies—such as PhytAge Labs, based in New York—have decided to create much more natural alternatives. Among the many tinnitus supplements that are currently in circulation, Tinnitus 911 remains among the most highly reviewed and is also backed by science.

What is Tinnitus 911?

Tinnitus 911 is a natural health supplement that is specifically designed to treat tinnitus. As suggested, tinnitus is a symptom that is characterized by consistent ringing in the ears. Using a combination of vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients, Tinnitus 911 can help provide a variety of different health benefits and gradually decrease the intensity of tinnitus.

Tinnitus is not a disease, but it is a symptom—just like how a fever isn’t a disease but is a symptom that can be caused by many different things. Because of this, Tinnitus 911 should not be considered a “cure’, rather, a valuable resource that can help a large portion of the population that’s experiencing tinnitus begin to address their symptoms.

One of the most common reasons people experience tinnitus is their age. People who are over the age of 55 are more than twice as likely to experience tinnitus as people who are younger. If you have had consistent exposure to loud noises, you are also more likely to experience tinnitus. Tinnitus 911 provides a unique combination of natural ingredients that can cause these symptoms to subside in certain populations. One of the main benefits of using T911 is that—contrary to some tinnitus treatment options—the ingredients are all-natural, enabling you to avoid invasive surgeries or possibly addictive medications.

What are the Ingredients in Tinnitus 911?

Tinnitus 911 was developed in a laboratory using all-natural ingredients and ample amounts of research. According to many users, the product has yielded positive results and, in some cases, has helped reduce or entirely eliminate the ongoing presence of tinnitus. Each of the ingredients was carefully selected in order to promote healthier hearing, along with better health in general.

Some of the ingredients in Tinnitus 911 include “Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Niacin, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Garlic, Hibiscus Flower, Olive Leaf, Hawthorne Berry, Buchu Leaves, Uva Ursi, Juniper Berry, and Green Tea.” Each of these ingredients has been proven to yield multiple different benefits, but have been especially effective for improving damage within the ear, improving cognitive function, and creating a clearer state of consciousness. 

How Does Tinnitus 911 Work? What are the Benefits of Taking Tinnitus 911?

The combination of ingredients in Tinnitus 911 can help reduce ringing within the ear, which can have many different underlying causes. As ringing begins to subside, the intensity of tinnitus—by definition—will also decrease. 

There are myriad other benefits of taking Tinnitus 911 as well. Many of the relaxing ingredients can help you begin to sleep better, without causing you to feel groggy during the day. Sleep issues are one of the most common complications associated with tinnitus.

Additionally, the cognitive benefits of taking Tinnitus 911 have actually caused some users to claim they can hear much better. Their clearer state of mind also makes it easier to engage in conversations and listen to music. Because of each of these unique benefits, the complications associated with tinnitus—including depression and anxiety—will also begin to decline.

Is Tinnitus 911 Safe?

Many people rightfully wonder whether Tinnitus 911—or any supplements, for that matter—is safe for them to take. Because T911 uses all-natural ingredients, there are no widespread side effects that are associated with it. According to user reviews, the worst possible outcome is that Tinnitus 911 wasn’t as effective as they had hoped. If you took Tinnitus 911 and found it to be ineffective, you should consider speaking with an audiologist; there may be a deeper underlying issue that needs to be addressed. 

Should I Consider Taking Tinnitus 911?

Tinnitus 911 is not for everyone, but it has helped thousands of people reduce the effects of tinnitus and begin living a much happier life. If your tinnitus persists for more than one week, you should consider taking Tinnitus 911 and also consider speaking with your doctor. The supplement itself is relatively affordable and the company also offers a money-back guarantee that is good for 90 days.

Where can I Buy Tinnitus 911?

If you look online, you will likely be able to find Tinnitus 911 and other tinnitus supplements on various websites. However, in order to protect yourself from faulty products and in order to qualify for a refund (if needed), it is strongly recommended that you purchase directly from PhytAge Lab’s website or one of Tinnitus 911’s affiliate websites. The product will usually be shipped within a few days. Most people report noticeable results within about two weeks of taking the supplement.


Tinnitus is a very common symptom that can be quite annoying, or even debilitating. If you are currently suffering from tinnitus, you may want to consider taking Tinnitus 911 or other research-based tinnitus supplements. While you will still want to speak with your doctor before taking anything new, it is important to know that you are not without options. If you have any questions contact us today.