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Tinnitus 911 Has Helped Many.

Tinnitus 911 is the one all-natural solution that can help fight tinnitus. Those buzzing, roaring clicking, hissing noises that never seems to shut off in your head. That noise that’s causing throbbing headaches, migraines, dizziness, and nausea. Those sounds that are making you constantly tired, steadily depleting your energy. After years of innovative research and careful ingredient selection, Tinnitus 911 may help provide you with the relief you’ve long been looking for.



From phytoceramide based skin care supplements to life-improving probiotic gastrointestinal supplements, to the latest in all-natural hearing improvement supplements. The scientific minds behind PhytAge Laboratories supplements develop the all-natural solutions you need to improve your quality of life. PhytAge Laboratories has become the go-to brand of choice for people over 40, to meet their fitness goals, general health goals, and everyday life improvement needs.



Tinnitus 911 provides a completely safe, all-natural solution that soothingly relieves you through a precise scientific combination of ingredients that calm down the entire nervous system, and stops panic attacks cold. Tinnitus 911 can not only help finally quiet your mind, but significantly help decrease your risk of memory disorders, contribute to making improvements in your memory, help increase speed of thought and focus, and help improve your hearing.

Give Tinnitus 911 a try. It may just put an end to that ringing, whooshing, roaring and blood pumping sounds you’ve been suffering with. Try Tinnitus 911 today.


The NEW Tinnitus 911 is an hearing relief formula designed specifically for tinnitus sufferers looking to soothe the central nervous system and provide relief for ringing or other phantom noises in the ears.

Tinnitus 911 Ingredients:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Niacin
  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Garlic
  • Hibiscus Flower
  • Olive Leaf
  • Hawthorne Berry
  • Buchu Leaves
  • Juniper Berry
  • Green Tea


Tinnitus 911 Reviews & Testimonials

Phil Lambert
Phil L.
19:09 05 Jul 19
Tinnitus 911 is fantastic! I was looking up natural remedies to stop a weird little humming sound that occasionally occurred and found Tinnitus, I am incredibly grateful I did. I am very particular... with what I put in my body so I looked at the ingredients to make sure that it fits my dietary needs. It makes me feel good knowing that I’m starting my day healthy. Since I’ve been taking Tinnitus 911 I will admit that I haven’t noticed any buzzing and it’s only been a month. I recommend this product to anyone looking for natural alternatives for tinnitus. Thank you so much Tinnitus 911 for all you do.read more
Meredith Glasgow
Meredith G.
16:45 17 Jun 19
I'm not one to usually leave reviews, but Tinnitus 911 is AMAZING! I thought I was going crazy because I kept hearing a buzzing noise that would come and go and the worst times. I was talking to a... coworker and they actually ended up recommending Tinnitus 911 to me, so I thought why not? I avoid medications at all cost, but all the elements are completely natural so it made me comfortable to know that I can actually be giving my body all sorts of vitamins and minerals that it should be getting everyday... one of the ingredients is Hibiscus flower - I didn't even know what that was before buying tinnitus 911. This supplement has done quite a bit. What I really like is that ordering and shipping was fast and easy, their website is very thorough explaining everything that is in the supplement. I will definitely continue using Tinnitus 911.read more
Ariana Buck
Ariana B.
17:43 21 Jan 19
I recommend phytage labs tinnitus 911 for ear ringing problems. Happy to see other tinnitus 911 reviews showing that the product is working for them too 🙂
Joseph Grant
Joseph G.
10:43 08 Oct 18
Good company with fast shipping
10:47 04 Oct 18
I have consulted many ENT specialists and also spent huge amount of cash on pharmaceuticals, but didn't get any desired outcome for my issue. I even tried to have sound treatment but nothing worked.... I and my family were completely disappointed. When I found Tinnitus 911, I was sort of hopeless that this product would be similar to the other products I have used before. I couldn't have been more happy to discover that I wasn't right! This product helped me alot, it reduced the ringing, humming and murmuring sounds. I am really very happy and a completely satisfied customer.read more
Eleanor Nash
Eleanor N.
08:01 01 Oct 18
I discovered Tinnitus 911 online I gave it a try. And to my surprise this product really worked. So, I need to thank the great Lord I discovered this solution. No more migraines and no more ringing... sound. I'm carrying on with a full life once more. Thank You so much!!read more
Amelia King
Amelia K.
09:52 28 Sep 18
My husband was suffering from Tinnitus, by which he use to get very annoyed and felt exhausted and borderline everyday. Then one of our family friends suggested about Tinnitus 911 and this capsules... are the real life saviours. Just after using these for couple of weeks his ringing faded more and more. My husband is a whole new person now and I am happy see him like this!! Now I can play, go for walks and watch favorite movies with him, without any disturbing ringing sound in his ears. Thank You So much!!read more
Stephanie Hill
Stephanie H.
08:10 27 Sep 18
I am very thankful for your company, Tinnitus 911 has been a great product to help with my tinnitus.I wish it was cheaper though.... Still worth it for me.
Robert Leija
Robert L.
06:45 22 Sep 18
I love tinnitus 911 it helps my tinnitus issues - can't go wrong with this product if you are suffering from tinnitus!
Lavern S. Lewis
Lavern S. L.
06:06 21 Sep 18
Fantastic, highly recommend Tinnitus 911
Tim Burns
Tim B.
06:24 19 Sep 18
I have been taking Tinnitus 911 for a couple of weeks as per the instructions and I personally can see some major changes in my hearing problems. I will for sure to continue taking this product. I... personally believe any change is better instead of tuning in to the same racket track.read more
Kimberly Turner
Kimberly T.
09:34 08 Sep 18
"Having suffered with Tinnitus for some time with nobody being able to help me, then one of my friend suggested me about this Tinnitus 911. Initially I overlooked her words but, after using this... product, I am really very happy and as it helped me to fight against tinnitus and got it cured within very short span of time. Completely satisfied!! "read more
Daniel Renaud
Daniel R.
20:56 27 Aug 18
I like this supplément it works for me thank you
Daryl Hyde
Daryl H.
22:26 20 Aug 18
Super customer service in my experience, always ready to help. Great prices!Tinnitus 911 is a fantastic supplement that stopped my tinnitus ringing.
Gerald Braun
Gerald B.
17:42 17 Aug 18
Tinnitus911 helps with my tinnitus issues i take it every day thank you
Wilson David
Wilson D.
18:39 13 Aug 18
Good product. I have been using tinnitus 911 for about a year with good results
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