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PhytAge Laboratories Tinnitus 911 is a multi-nutritional supplement containing 12 powerful ingredients shown to help regain and maintain better ear health and all that accompanies it.

The high-quality ingredients in Tinnitus 911 were carefully selected by PhytAge Labs because, due to extensive research and testing, they have been found to combat numerous symptoms that are most commonly associated with ringing and buzzing of the ears. Additionally, they work at the root of the problem, often providing relief that has otherwise not been achieved with other products and medications.

Suggestions on Using Tinnitus 911

While choosing to utilize any of Phytage Labs’ life-altering health supplements is a step toward healthy living, it’s equally as important to incorporate other healthy choices to your daily routine. Not only will this maximize the positive effects of Tinnitus 911, but it will also naturally and organically restore your body’s health.

When you begin taking Tinnitus 911, always be sure to eat healthy foods, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as drink plenty of water. To allow the all-natural ingredients to have the most powerful effect, it’s also important to avoid fast and overly fatty foods, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and especially smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products.

We suggest using Tinnitus 911 continuously for at least ninety (90) days to achieve the most optimal, noticeable results.

Implement the following lifestyle changes and approaches:

  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol
  • Avoid situational causes of stress
  • Develop healthy sleeping habits
  • Reduce the intake of fast foods and those high in fat
  • Drink water regularly, especially with meals

Avoid the following when trying to reduce pain, which is often associated with ringing:

  • Artificial preservatives, such as nitrates and nitrites
  • Artificial flavors and boosters, most commonly found in chips and crackers
  • Fried foods
  • Caffeine, including coffee and sodas
  • Nightshade vegetables, such as green peppers, potatoes and eggplant

Implement the following foods when trying to reduce infection:

  • Cauliflower
  • Yogurt
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Kale
  • Garlic
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Ginger
  • Honey
  • Tomatoes

Avoid the following when trying to improve sleep:

  • Overeating anything close to your bedtime
  • Not adhering to a regular sleep schedule
  • Alcoholic beverages of any kind
  • Highly caffeinated foods and drinks, including sodas and coffee
  • Spicy foods
  • High-fat foods, especially fried
  • High-protein foods like heavy meats
  • Foods high in water, such as watermelon or celery

*NOTE: The vast majority of adults use Tinnitus 911 without side effects. However, as with any new health program, we recommend seeking medical advice to ensure it’s suitable for your particular needs. If you take other medicines (specifically those which reduce stomach acid or lower high blood pressure) or suffer from mental health disorders, we strongly recommend medical or mental health advice. Please confirm the accuracy of the suggestions on this page for your individual circumstances with your doctor, including the supplements to consider, lifestyle changes to implement and things to avoid. These recommendations should in no way supersede your physician’s advice.