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Are you tired of the constant buzzing, humming or ringing in your ears? Below are the top 5 at home remedies for tinnitus relief.

Do you find it worsens at those times when you should enjoy peace and quiet… Like at night when you are ready for sleep or in the calm of the day when you open a book?

Or maybe the opposite triggers that buzz: Environments like a noisy theatre or at a busy shopping mall?

Strangely, what provides relief for one tinnitus sufferer can be an exacerbating factor for another.

Tinnitus Trigger Diary

Do you really know what triggers your tinnitus?

Keeping a diary enables you to identify what helps to ease the ring or aggravate the hum. This process could be more valuable than you think.

An interesting study titled Differences Among Patients That Make Their Tinnitus Worse or Better (1) found seemingly contradictory tinnitus triggers, but what it may mean is simply there are a number of causes of this common condition and a varied home remedy approach is needed for different sufferers.

Makes sense, right?

The easy old school way it to carry a diary and a pen. Keep track of your activities, events attended, food and drink consumed, sleeping habits, and whatever else you feel may be important. Over time, the awareness created through diarizing will enable you to recognize what helps or hinders the buzz and offer insight into where you can make helpful changes.

To Noise or Not to Noise

While loud sounds are a well-accepted cause of tinnitus, once present, does noise act as a trigger or a calming agent?

Well, it depends on the sufferer.

The above study noted for some people their tinnitus is aggravated by being in a quiet place, for others the ringing ramps up with the presence of noise or after having just visited a noisy place. If you aren’t already certain, the tinnitus trigger diary will help you to determine which it is for you.

If an environment with no noise makes your ears flare, try white noise.

You might have heard about the wonders of white noise for babies, but this “noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities” can help in adults, too.

This background noise can be produced by a white noise machine, through online technology that produces a soft murmur or rainy mood, or by a household appliance like a fan.

If you find the opposite, that noise makes your tinnitus worse either during or after the event, try wearing earplugs that dampen but don’t stop the sounds while you are exposed.

Note: While it may seem like common sense to avoid noise as much as possible, this can prime the brain and have the opposite effect. Noise avoidance will send your grey matter searching for sound signals and, for some, will enhance the ring. It is better to moderate than avoid sound altogether.

Stress Management Can Result in Tinnitus Symptom Reduction

Do you find that stress worsens your ringing?

You are not alone with many tinnitus sufferers reporting this experience. The great news is there is much you can do…

How can you harness home remedies to calm your stress levels? 


Once you’ve tracked your triggers, use this knowledge to boost relaxation in ways that support you without causing a worsening of your condition.


  • Catch up with friends at home.
  • Watch a funny movie.
  • Light a candle, dim the lights and soak in a warm tub.


You don’t need to be a monk to benefit from meditation. YouTube offers some inspiring complimentary guided options, whether you have a spare 10 minutes or an hour. Regular practice has been shown to rewire the brain (2) and may help tinnitus directly, too.


The endorphins released by regular exercise are wonderful for the body, mind, and soul. Try walking, follow along to an online Yoga class, performing bodyweight exercises or grab a skipping rope and jump for both better health and a happier mood.

Read a novel

Ok, I might be biased because I do love getting lost in the pages of a great book! If there’s a genre that calms your stress levels, make time to regularly enjoy a page-turner.

Essential oils

Aromatherapists have used essential oils for an eon. Why not follow their lead and see if this easy home remedy offers therapy for your ears?

Here are some perfect options to try:

  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Vanilla
  • Sandalwood

And while Jasmine (3) and chamomile essential oil are well-loved for their stress reduction abilities, these two may also specifically help to address poor sleep. Which brings us to our next home remedy…

Sleeping Well

Poor sleep is a consistently reported tinnitus trigger so enhancing the quality of your shuteye may reduce the ferocity of ringing ears

How can you boost your sleep?

1) There is a remedy that has been shown to boost both sleep quality (4) and ease tinnitus (5) and we’ve already mentioned it above – white noise. Whether through specially designed machines, headphones or earplugs, this background sound might be just what you need for better shut-eye.

2) Create the perfect sleep environment. A comfortable bed and pillow, a slightly cool temperature, and a completely darkened bedroom through the use of blackout curtains or by cheating with an eye mask can work wonderfully well.

3) Natural health professionals have long incorporated supplementation as an aid to better sleep. Try chamomile, as mentioned above, melatonin, or valerian.

And speaking of supplementation, our Tinnitus 911TM is an evidence-based formula designed specifically to provide tinnitus relief.

Let’s take a look…

Tinnitus 911 Supplement

Supplements enable the combination of powerful compounds that elicit the desired effect.

Tinnitus 911™ is uniquely targeted at providing tinnitus relief. By combining a highly focused range of nutrients found to directly reduce the experience of tinnitus, like vitamin B12 and green tea, and those that reduce inflammation, like vitamin C and juniper berries, we’ve formulated an incredible home remedy that is changing the lives of many…

Ex-tinnitus sufferers like 62-year old Cassandra from Wyoming who said:

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And Fiona from Texas:

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If you are sick of the constant buzzing, humming or ringing in your ears and tired of the havoc it wreaks on your life, these 5 at-home remedies may be just what you need to gain quiet ears and the upper hand, finally.

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